About Us

Located just outside Haverhill in Suffolk,  Jaybeth’s Animal Sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that opened in 1977.

Founded by Carol Harris, who is still the proprietor, the sanctuary was opened to protect and provide shelter for unwanted members of the animal kingdom, which it has been doing for nearly 40 years.  The sanctuary is not a shelter or a dog home.

Jaybeth has a non-destruction policy, and Carol is a regular visitor to the Vet in Linton where many of her rescued animals start on their road to recovery.   Keen to re-home animals if possible, the sanctuary relies totally on donations and volunteers, and Carol on helpful friends and others dropping off food and blankets for the animals.

If people are in a position to donate money, Carol asks that they give directly to the Belgrave House Veterinary Surgery where she has an outstanding veterinary bill.

For news reports about Carol and her life’s work, click here and here.

Photographs by Josephine Paterson